« I was on stage, and there was smoke everywhere. Signs formed in thin air: it was then that the religious talisman was created. »
Mondy B had a dream many years ago, which inspired the launch of his latest album, « Same Faith ».


Mondy B was born on July 3, 1976 in Poissy, France. His parents moved to the Loiret region when he was only 4 years old. He grew up in the forest, where he spent most of his time. He began to sing at a very early age at the community’s church. Mondy B left his childhood home when he turned 18 and moved to the suburbs of Paris.


1995 – the year he turned 19 – marked a turning point. At an end-of-year party at his high school in Argenteuil, a guitarist’s music began to fascinate him. On his way home from the party, Mondy B began to learn a few songs on a classical guitar. Mounir, the guitarist in question, introduced him to rock ‘n’ roll culture and gave him his first guitar lessons, introducing him to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Together they went to a mosque where Mondy B, a Christian, discovered Islam.

In school Mondy B was a brilliant, albeit insolent student. After having taken advanced placement classes in Science, he was accepted to medical school, but then a serious accident injuring his ankle forced him to give up his studies. Between operations and physical therapy, the young musician honed his skills and quickly composed his first arrangements. He lived with his parents for a few months, and then moved out when he was able to walk again. He started working at a factory, but he just wasn’t satisfied with that; so Mondy B kept on with his musical training and gained experience in playing at Cambodian balls.
In 1998, he desperately needed a change, so he bought a one-way ticket to Guadeloupe.


Turning point
His trip was beneficial. In the West Indies, he rediscovered Christianity, and rekindled his deep-rooted spirituality and religion. Mr. Horn, the father of one of his friends, told him all sorts of stories he had learned from a clairvoyant healer. Mondy B was taken aback by all these stories that developed his mystical side. Back in France, he embarked on a spiritual journey at a Benedictine monastery. There he met Brother Robert, a Caribbean monk who pushed him to persevere in his search for spirituality. Shortly thereafter, he converted to Buddhism, the customs and practices of which he learned at Cambodian balls.
Meanwhile, to have a fresh start, he moved back to the Paris suburbs. Incessantly engaged in a self-journey to understand who he is, he took English classes and communication training, production, and continued the guitar assiduously.
His efforts resulted in his signing a contract as an independent musician, which added one more skill to his repertoire. He also composed music for several short films, including one, « La croix sans visage », which won an award.
He teaches guitar lessons and is learning Klezmer songs (Jewish traditional music) and plays in Bar Mitzvah. Thus, he was introduced to Jewish culture.
In 2004, he launched NSE Project(« New Spiritual Experience, » with reference not only to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but also his ongoing search for spirituality. Recording and concerts remind him of what he always wanted: getting up on stage and living through his music.


Inspiration and Style
In his first solo album, « Same Faith », Mondy B maintained his image, inspired by his idol Michael Jackson. He has taken dance classes to become a true animal on the stage. In concert, he releases an energy equal to his hopes and beliefs. Not hesitating to create scenes of sex and violence, he flourishes in a style that is all his own. These characteristics materialize in his video « Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, » where Mondy B copulates with his guitar before
sacrificing it.